CAYP’s History

CAYP was conceived by Maxine Barasch, an Albany native, with the vision to enrich the lives of young professionals living and working in the Capital Region. Its first event was held in July 2007 with over 40 young professionals in attendance. CAYP continued to bloom from there. Today, CAYP events average 90+ attendees!

Over the years, CAYP has contributed to the lives of young professionals by connecting them to one another through monthly networking events. Through event sponsorship, CAYP has increased awareness of several Capital Region organizations and helped get young professionals involved through community service activities. CAYP has made it a focus to highlight the Capital Region’s premier social venues. Events have been held at a variety of locations such as Angelo’s 677 Prime, the Hollywood Brown Derby, Dinosaur BBQ, Blu Stone Bistro, the Fort Orange Club, Brown’s Brewing Co. at Revolution Hall and 74 State.

CAYP currently boasts a membership of just over 200 — a large feat for an organization run entirely by volunteers. In addition to its core membership, CAYP has a reach of 2,000+ professionals through its newsletter subscriptions, event attendees and social media followers.